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A Statement from El Nido Family Centers

El Nido Family Centers joins those who have spoken out against the blatantly racist and deeply hurtful comments made by members of the LA City Council directed at members of the Black, LGBTQ, indigenous, Jewish, and Armenian communities – people who are integral to the fabric of this city. At a moment when LA is attempting to heal from the painful events of the past and grapple with systemic racism, we are disheartened that elected officials to whom we turned to unite us, and who have at times been champions for racial and social justice, betrayed the trust of those they serve in an attempt to retain power. The contempt and disrespect displayed is shocking and disappointing. Those of us who have the privilege of serving the community have a responsibility to hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards. We have a responsibility to put the community’s interests above our own, to treat each person with integrity, honesty and respect, to promote fairness, justice, equity and dignity towards all who dwell in the City, and to speak up when those values are violated. As it always has, El Nido Family Centers continues to stand for the inherent worth and strength of each individual. We exist to serve historically-marginalized communities, and stand against those who would use their privilege and position to belittle or diminish the worth of anyone. We look to our City leaders to unite, to heal, and to raise us up. The strength of LA derives from the diversity of our citizens, our communities, our many rich cultures – never to be mocked or belittled, but to be treasured.


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