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Healing Communities

We are excited to announce that El Nido Family Centers has been awarded two Peace and Healing grants from the City of Los Angeles.

The Peace and Healing Centers (P&H Centers) aim to engage marginalized communities in environmental, economic, and social peace-building and healing programming. The communities served and goals of the P & H Centers are fully aligned with our mission and are a natural extension and enhancement to the work we are currently doing in the community.

In addition to continuing to provide parent support groups, culinary classes, and various health and well-being community events and activities for families, we will develop a high-level Farmers’ Market at the Pacoima Family Source Center. Through a subcontract with a local non-profit, See-LA, which implements Farmers’ Markets in marginalized communities, we will train and pay community members to plan, execute, and oversee the El Nido Farmers’ Market. The Market will not only benefit the community by giving access to fresh fruits and vegetables but will also provide an opportunity for community food entrepreneurs to sell their products (once permitted) and community residents to build leadership and business skills, as well as increase family income. The Farmers’ Market will bring volunteer opportunities and visibility for companies interested in making a difference in the community through sponsorship.

For more information on how you can support this new initiative, contact Carter Calhoun, Director of Development, at or call (818) 639-8428.


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