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Saluting Rose Norton

In honor of Women’s History Month, El Nido Family Centers salutes Rose Norton, for volunteering thousands of hours for many of Los Angeles County’s public service agencies. Getting ready to celebrate her 94th birthday, Rose laughs and calls herself a “professional volunteer.”

Rose has made an indelible mark on El Nido’s role in Los Angeles. Her organizational and leadership skills have blessed her with being the consummate volunteer. “I have always had a determination to make things change and am not willing to accept the status quo,” says Norton, who received El Nido’s Lifetime Volunteer Award in 2016. Her strength, wit, and honesty are the key to Norton’s style of giving. Her decisiveness and leadership helped with the transition of the Agency in 1976 from a Jewish Women’s organization to a non-sectarian, multi-ethnic agency led by both men and women.

Norton, a resident of Beverly Hills for 65 years, became El Nido’s first Board President from 1979-81 and was instrumental during El Nido’s re-structuring years. During her presidency, the agency received the Fluor Award for innovative programming. For over half a century, Mrs. Norton has given her time and energy to El Nido’s children and families and is still giving back today as an El Nido Board Advisor and supporter.

In addition to her work with El Nido, Norton has volunteered for: Founder of the Museum Service Council of LA County Museum of Art, the United Way, UCLA Art Council Thieves Market, League of Women Voters, National Council of Jewish Women, and was a Planning Commissioner for the City of Beverly Hills for eight years.


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