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Share Your Story!

Has El Nido made an impact in your life?

We need to hear your story! Please attach a short selfie video letting us know who at El Nido made a difference for you, and how.  Did we help with your education, through financial hardship, with your new baby, or by providing a safe space to grow?  Simply share your story with a few words, for example...

"I am grateful for El Nido because..."

"El Nido has changed my life by..."

"One word that I can use to describe El Nido is..."

I attest that I am the person shown in the uploaded video and give permission for this video to be used by El Nido Family Centers for creating informational and marketing materials. I agree that El Nido Family Centers will not be liable for claims if a third party publishes any information in these materials, either with or without El Nido Family Center’s knowledge.

Thanks for sharing your story!
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