Tech Academy

<H1>Do You Even Code</H1>

Do you like video games, apps, or computers? Have you ever wondered how they work?


Essentials TechAcademyPresenting an absolutely FREE course designed for high-school students in a constructive and exciting learning environment. Learn coding foundations of HTML, CSS, & Javascript.


About the TechAcademy:

El Nido has received major funding from the W.M. Keck Foundation to create the South Los Angeles Tech Academy, is a 15 session course designed to expose high-school youth to the technology industry through hands-on programming instruction, guests speakers from the industry, and trips to tech businesses.  Youth who complete the Academy will increase knowledge of career paths and educational opportunities in the technology industry, will increase soft skills related to career success, will increase interactions with professionals from the technology industry; and will state an intent to attend college.
 The Academy emphasizes knowledge and skills needed to work beyond entry level, including positions in accounting, management, marketing, and human resources management.  Experiential instruction will include interaction with industry professionals and field trips to businesses in these industries.