Thank You to Our Virtual Volunteers!

Thank you to our Virtual Career speakers and Tutors who reflect Martin Luther King’s message of service and love to the community.

Virtual Tutors 2020-2021

Thank you to our Virtual Tutors who helped our students with their classwork while learning from home.

Leila Airedell

Karina Hernandez

Jack Lesinski

Lynn Li

Owen Lichtman

Edwin Marquez

Kathryn Oneil

Laurie Parres

Cheryl Prell

Joel Prell

Eduardo Reyes

Stephanie Rivas

Jaden Rosenbaum

Fred Samulon

Aisbah Sharriff

Luke Shuman

Cooper Silverman

Sophia Stoller

Nicole Tellez

Virtual Career Volunteers 2020 – 2021

Thank you for sharing your career or business experience with our student and helping them to discover the many career options available to them.

Michelle Accardi, Technology/Marketing, Star2Star

Liz Bias, Family Therapist,

Alex Carloss, Gaming Industry, N3twork Inc.

Trixy Castro, Entrepreneur, Hampstead Ventures

Sathi Chowdhury, Software Engineer Panel, Capital One

Bilal Clarance, Software Engineer Panel, Capital One

Jodi Cohn, Public/Community Health, St. Barnabas Senior Center

Joseph Cubas, Electrical Engineer, Northrop Grumman

Lili Davidson, Commercial Artist, Mattel Toys (retired)

Tom Davis, Bank Loan Officer, Bank of America

Loraine Despres, TV Writer/Author, Board Advisor

Robert Dilles, Banking/Finance, Bank of America

Olja Dimittijevic, Software Engineer Panel, Capital One

HarryDrasin, Physician/Psychologist, retired

Andre Eriksen, Actor/ Musician/Artist,

Larry Fernandes, Investment Banking, Wells Fargo

Dan Finn, Software Engineer Panel, Capital One

Rosie Flowers, Pharmacist,

Tim Foster, Software Engineer Panel, Capital One

Marian Francese-Lock, Auditing and HR, Prudential

Lauraine Gibbons, Art Director TV/Movies,

Dayna Golenberg, Transitioning Careers, Therapist,

Susan Greenberg, Professional Musician,

Shivani Gupta, Software Engineer Panel, Capital One

Eliza Howard, Architect/Art Gallery, Thinc

Elodie Introia, Professional Chef, The Hungry French Girl

Lora Isavi, Mock Job Interviews, Kaiser Permanente

Sai Kantabathina, Software Engineer Panel, Capital One

Gergana Kmetova, Software Engineer Panel, Capital One

Max Kramer, Coding Class,

Selwwyn Lehmann, Software Engineer Panel, Capital One

Sylvia Lopez, News Reporter/Public Health, UCLA Center For Health Equity

Erica Mahgerefteh, Social Marketing/Public Health, Kaiser Permanente

Dr Rebecca Mandel, Pediatrician, Valencia Pediatric Associates

Christine Matula, Nursing,

Gadi Naveh, Software Engineer Panel, Capital One

Tom O’Connor, Software Engineer Panel, Capital One

Adriana Perez, Child Development Therapy,

Kathy Perez, How To Start A Nonprofit, ESPN Sports Director

Areeb Pirani, Mobile Gaming, Riot Games

Cheryl Prell, Real Estate Attorney,

Joel Prell, Hospital Administration, Retired

Carlos Rosales, Banking/Finance, Well Fargo Bank

Uriel Saenz, Fashion/Lifestyle, The US Lifestyle Group LLC

Fred Samulon, Engineer, Retired engineer

Eiran Shaelev, Software Engineer Panel, Capital One

Jesse Shapiro, Real Estate Attorney, Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher LLP

Alex Sigoloff, Real Estate Broker/Attorney, Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher LLP

Cooper Silverman, Magic Class, Magician & High school student

Dr Angel Skinner, Cover Letters & Resume Writing, Mississippi State University

Jeff Trealor, Public Defender, LA County Public Defender’s Office

Rene Vanbroekhuizen, Corporate Chef, Strada Restaurant

JP Walhorn, Software Development, Syntx

Jordan Weiss, Branding/Promotions, Plus Capital

Alex Wilkin, Registered Nurse,

Mike Winston, Anesthesiologist, Cedars Sinai Hospital (retired)

Will Ye, Software Engineer Panel, Capital One

Sarah Youn, Public Health, Kaiser Permanente