El Nido’s Culinary-To-Go Program Helps Families Cook Healthy Together

Each week, El Nido’s Culinary To-Go program provides families with grocery boxes and recipes to cook healthy meals with the ingredients.  Together, families enjoy wholesome, nutritious meals along with a family-friendly activity, during our virtual cooking classes.

About El Nido’s Culinary-To-Go Program

We give out fresh produce boxes with bilingual recipes and all the ingredients needed to make 2 large, vegetarian meals per week, each one feeding up to 8 people.

Drop by our Cafe Instagram for pictures of boxes and recipes, and our Facebook for our live online cooking classes:

Menu and other pictures on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/elnidocafe/?hl=en

Cooking classes on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/El-Nido-Cafe-107229407703091

Ways to Help


Onsite: Packing grocery boxes on Monday and Tuesday mornings, and portioning ingredients for the grocery boxes Thursday morning/afternoons.

Virtual: Client Support for Grocery Box Distribution (Livescan Fingerprint test required).
We need assistance with calling prospective clients and telling them about our support program, collecting testimonials, as well as remote texting to follow-up with clients and remind them that their grocery boxes are ready for pick-up.

Fill out our volunteer form and someone will be in contact with you soon: Volunteer Signup Form…

Help With Kitchen Supplies

Help keep our kitchen stocked with supplies needed to organize and pack our grocery boxes.  Ordering is easy and items are shipped directly to our Pacoima kitchen.  Find out what’s on our AmazonSmile Pacoima Kitchen Charity List…

Thank You to Our Supporters!

Culinary-to-Go 600 lbs of groceries donated by mendpoverty
600 lbs of groceries are donated each week by MENDpoverty.org

Innovative programs like this would not be possible without the support of our generous donors and volunteers!

When we could no longer hold in-person cooking classes for our clients in our Pacoima FamilySource Center kitchen, this program was developed to promote healthier eating and family cohesion, while supplementing food budgets. 

Thank you for helping us to better serve our community.