El Nido Partners with Big Up Kidz and Shiekh Shoes to Help Compton Children and Families

El Nido has served the Compton community for almost 30 years. El Nido’s Compton Youth Development Program partners with schools, and law enforcement to help at-risk youth embrace a positive path to responsible adulthood. Now, El Nido has formed a new initiative with Big Up Kidz called Cross-Age Tutoring. Students and tutors meet at the Shiekh Community Center in Compton, provided by Shiekh Shoes, the popular footwear retailer.

Cross-Age Tutoring benefits both older and younger students. Children without schoolwork help may struggle and fall behind in school, risking dropping out altogether. Older students find the work simple and get a sense of pride from helping their younger counterparts and are able to “give back” to the community. Tutors are chosen from dedicated young men and women who have been in El Nido’s Compton Youth Development Program for six months or longer, and come from families who support academic achievement.

Karen Sanchez, an El Nido tutor sums up her feelings about the program; “Being a tutor, I am making a difference in the lives of many kids.”