El Nido Family Centers 2021 Scholarships

Thanks to your help, we reached our goal!

We recently held our Scholarship Award Presentation for 38 talented, driven young adults.

Each shared a bit of their personal stories, struggles, hopes and dreams, and each expressed profound gratitude to our loyal supporters.

Generous donors provided $76,400 to surpass our goal and provide scholarships to aspiring students attending universities across California and beyond.

555 Scholarships given since 1992

This was El Nido’s 29th year presenting scholarships, an effort begun in response to the social inequity surfaced during the 1992 Rodney King riots. Unfortunately, while this inequity persists today, the charity and goodwill of supporters grows stronger each year.

“My family has gone through a lot, but we are still managing, and one thing I’m really looking forward to is walking across the stage and getting my degree…”

 – Scholarship recipient, Miguel M.

With gratitude for those who’ve supported El Nido Scholars!

Your support transforms lives, futures, and communities.


Jay and Shirley De Miranda Foundation

Stacy Banks

Rasa Bauza and Bob Hirshland

California State University Los Angeles

Lisa and Alex Carloss

John and Linda Coleman

Heidi Crane

Margie Guzman Chovan, supporting the Carmen Barreto Scholarship in honor of her mother

Jodi Cohn

Dr. Dreyfus and Mrs. Dreyfus, MFT

Monica Fishman

Loretta Forquer

Mr. and Mrs. Hank Guerrero

Alma John-Hawkins

Julieanne and Mitch Harmatz

Kathleen Kubota

Felicia Lopez

Frank Lorah

Herlin Meza

Sheri Ross

Luis Sandoval

Diane Sherman

SoCal Gas

Eliza Howard and Ben Thorne

Patty Woo and Steven Poretzky

Mary Ann Rosenfeld & Shelly Kadish

Mary Ross

Dr. Fred and Mrs. Marta Samulon

Mindy and Nicholas Stern