We Need Your Support to Make El Nido Culinary School Kitchen Complete

Kitchen construction for El Nido students

We are excited to announce that El Nido Family Centers is nearing completion on the construction phase of its culinary skills training kitchen located at our FamilySource Center in Pacoima. The kitchen will provide a multitude of enriching opportunities for vulnerable and at-risk youth and parents, and we are reaching out to you in hopes that you can help us secure the kitchen equipment we now need.

Your financial or equipment donation will provide direct resources to make our culinary arts training kitchen a reality, and we would be honored to recognize you on our “Café Wall of Gratitude.”

Culinary Skills Training Kitchen

This culinary job training kitchen will be a crucial source of support for a Los Angeles community in great need.  Budding chefs will learn healthy nutrition and how to prepare fresh, wholesome baby foods, school lunches, family/ethnic favorites, and new recipes on a budget, and classes will offer certifications for employment while students master culinary arts, kitchen hygiene and food safety.

Our Business Academy will use the café development for inspiring higher educational and vocational goals. It will teach youth entrepreneurial and business information in finance, marketing, and product development.

Some of the items we need are a commercial grade refrigerator, dishwasher, ice maker and sinks to name a few.  Please see our kitchen equipment ‘Wish List’ so we can get cooking!

Please contact Laura Zinkan at El Nido Family Centers (818) 830-3646 for more information.