El Nido Board Member Fred Samulon Shares The Satisfaction Of Virtual Tutoring

Fred tutoring

“I have often felt that I made a positive impact on many people as an active EL Nido Board Member and as an Executive Service Corps consultant,” says Fred Samulon. However, he notes that tutoring Zada allowed him to make a “personal connection and a positive impact on one specific individual.”

Virtual tutoring during the pandemic gave him the opportunity to use an entirely different set of skills.

“It was great that Zada was already motivated to do well in school but there was one subject that challenged her, Algebra. This is where I came into the picture. It was great to see her consistently get straight A’s in all subjects, including math.”

zeda graduates

In the fall Zada will be entering Saint Mary’s High School in Inglewood and plans someday to be a medical doctor.

Samulon was pleased that he was able to arrange a Zoom call between Zada and a professor of medicine and former interim dean of Charles Drew University’s Medical School, giving Zada an opportunity to ask questions, have a role model, and a possible contact in the future.