College Corner: El Nido Students Study Up On Choosing A College

College Corner group at LMU campus

El Nido’s FamilySource Centers in Pacoima and Southwest Los Angeles offer services that assist and encourage students toward college admission. Tutoring, homework assistance and school transition workshops are provided for students of all ages and their parents.

El Nido’s College Corner group offers admissions materials, financial aid resources, SAT/ACT prep classes, informational workshops and field trips to various colleges and universities to program participants.  Our college student mentors are generally high-performing first-generation college students who have the experience to guide our youth over hurdles and motivate them toward their post-secondary goals.

A LAUSD Pupil Services & Attendance Counselor offers immediate access to educational assistance.  Activities are provided by El Nido staff and partners, such as Pacoima Beautiful, Harmony Project and Tia Chuca’s Centro Cultural.

Recently, College Corner groups from both FSCs took field trips to local campuses.

Southwest FamilySource Center College Corner Group Takes Field Trip to Loyola Marymount University

In January over 24 students and their families joined El Nido for the 4th College Corner field trip to Loyola Marymount University. LMU is known as one of the best film production schools in the country. It was a fun and exciting day for our youth and families, and gave everyone a chance to get to know each other, explore the university and learn more ablout the application process.

El Nido College Corner Group From Pacoima FamilySource Center Takes Field Trip to Los Angeles Mission College

In February, in partnership with Pacoima Beautiful, The Pacoima FSC College Corner took a field trip to Los Angeles Mission College for Super Saturday Financial Aid Support. A bus provided by the LA Chamber of Commerce, met the youth and staff at the Pacoima City Hall to transport them to LAMC. This trip was a wonderful opportunity for the older students to exchange ideas with the younger students.

Studies show that higher education corresponds to lower unemployment, reduced poverty and decreased reliance on social programs. College graduates and their children are also more likely to be aware of healthy lifestyle choices and live healthier lives.

Many of our clients have overcome significant obstacles to get this far, and El Nido is dedicated to supporting and encouraging their efforts. This program gives our students and their families a better chance to obtain successful and rewarding futures. We thank our mentors, partners and supporters for helping us to assist these dedicated students to achieve their higher education goals.