Black Lives Matter: A Message from El Nido Family Centers

Justice, Justice shall you pursue…

(Deuteronomy 16:20)

We share the obligation to pursue all types of justice: racial, economic, social. We hurt from the brutal police killing of George Floyd and the resulting nationwide civil unrest, compounded by the disproportionate impact of the COVID-19 pandemic with its economic and psychological effects. We are outraged by these injustices and feel loss as tragedy plays out in front of our eyes.

El Nido staff fights injustice and loss daily. Our team supports thousands of families who lack financial resources, housing, healthcare, or education. Our mission, to strengthen families, is now more important than ever. The numbers of those in need of our support are soaring….and there are harder times ahead.

As challenges before us grow, we are doubling efforts to provide the tools and opportunities that fortify a core of resiliency in those we serve—our sisters and brothers in humanity. We pledge to live up to the trust that we have engendered over 95 years of service to the Los Angeles community. Having always believed that Black lives matter, we embrace this time to raise our voice with others reinforcing that message with action.

Achieving justice isn’t easy. It requires courage, skill, resources, hard work, dedication, and energy. Please join us in our pursuit.


Liz Herrera,

Executive Director