17-Year-Old Tutor Makes Math Fun

Luke S Math WizLuke Shuman knows what makes kids like math.  Just 17 years old, he developed a new math program for El Nido’s elementary school students.  It allows students to virtually practice and showcase their math skills in a fun environment. The program is centered around Kahoot, which is a game-based learning platform.

Luke also facilitated the financial literacy curriculum with high school and college students with the support of Bank of America. Financial Literacy/coaching is a core component of the FamilySource Centers.

During the pandemic he focused on a different math concept each week in which he made custom games for his students. From simple arithmetic to more complex word problems, the program let kids practice math while having a good time.

“The elementary math class was always one of the highlights of my week. This program gave me the confidence to be able to start and design programs around areas that I am passionate about and do more than just tutoring. Having a younger sister around the same age as these students, I loved being able to interact with kids and get them excited about math; above all, being able to act as a mere friend, even a virtual one, during the pandemic was so internally rewarding. It wasn’t just about math. We laughed and talked about our favorite Marvel movies and had a blast…. I believe every kid should have access to an outlet of this nature,” says Shuman.

The math program will continue throughout the summer months to keep the youth ready for the fall. Luke welcomes any donation of prizes to give to his students as incentives to succeed. Contact us at volunteer @ elnidofamilycenters.org to donate.