El Nido’s Response to COVID-19

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COVID-19 Relief Efforts

As an essential services provider during this crisis, El Nido has distributed nearly $5 Million in critical cash aid to families affected by the crisis. These funds have been donated to the Mayor’s Angeleno Fund from supporters across LA and beyond, and entrusted to El Nido to distribute as direct cash aid, which we’ve given to more than 5,000 families – and counting – since the pandemic began.

Our case managers, counselors, home visitors, and nurses continue to be an important and valuable resource to El Nido families during this crisis.  Here is how we are focused on addressing critical needs during this time:

For families about to lose their homes… our staff bring resources including monetary support, rental assistance, and essential goods for infants and children.

For victims of domestic abuse and violence…we provide therapists and counselors to continue to work directly with clients, especially now, as the pandemic compounds stress, affecting mental health and wellbeing of vulnerable families.

For at-risk infants and their mothers…our child development specialists and nurses will continue to provide support, guidance, and distribute essential supplies including diapers, formula, and clothing.

For vulnerable youth who are struggling to stay on the right path…provide emotional support, continued communication, education, and coaching.

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