El Nido Family Centers Celebrates 90 Years

El Nido Family Centers has come a long way from its modest beginning in 1925 as a camp for undernourished children in Laurel Canyon. 

Originally founded by the National Council of Jewish Women, and now a separate entity, El Nido provides a wide array of community-based services across Los Angeles County to those most in need.

Guided by the philosophy that “a child cannot grow up twice,” El Nido is a safe haven for at-risk populations in Los Angeles, providing critical services to over 10,000 children, youth and family members each year in some of the County’s most disadvantaged neighborhoods.

Throughout its 90-year history, El Nido has evolved to meet the emerging needs of L.A.’s diverse population as they:  

  • Recruit multicultural professionals from neighborhoods we serve
  • Train the next generation of culturally competent social workers
  • Provide school-based counseling, parent education and support
  • Help families in their homes, at housing projects, churches or other locations
  • Develop specialized services for teen parents and their babies 

With the support of our partners, sponsors, and supporters, El Nido looks forward to continuing to help families develop their talents, improve their own lives, create a hopeful future and contribute to positive change in their communities into the next 90 years!